Friday, November 17

2017 Preschool Information Fair Wrap-up and Packet

Many thanks to the 13 schools, many volunteers, and 57 families with their 42 kids that came out to this year's Preschool Information Fair! Hopefully you found a great preschool for your child! Be sure to download a digital copy of the 2017 ECFE Preschool Information Packet that contains all of the attending schools' descriptions and details.

Friday, October 20

2017 Preschool Information Fair

Please join us at our annual Preschool Information Fair!

Here are some tips for selecting a preschool

Sunday, October 1

Our Change Matters Month at the Wedge Co-op!

Change Matters is the Wedge Co-op's register round-up program, and the Wedge selected us to be their non-profit partner this month! Every time you make a purchase at the register you have the opportunity to round up your purchase to the next dollar. That money will then be directly donated to us!