Q: Why is volunteering for the PAC important?
A: We think that ECFE is a valuable program that we want to continue to thrive, and to be around for our children's children. Volunteering with the PAC allows us to support ECFE directly and achieve that goal.

In addition, volunteering with the PAC is important because, "national research on early childhood and family education programs strongly indicates that programs in which parents were not involved in planning, participation, and organization did not succeed." [p.8 of Minnesota State ECFE PAC Guidelines]

If you too think that ECFE is a great program, and want to give back to ECFE, then the PAC is the place for you to do that!

Q: What will I learn by being on the PAC?
A: In the past, PAC members have learned how to market events in traditional media and social media, how to craft compelling letters to solicit donations from businesses, how to plan large events, how to coordinate with other community groups, how to prepare financial statements, how to approach administrators and legislators, how to write marketing copy, and a whole lot more. In addition, we're a group of committed parents, so we're always trading tips on good activities to do with children, how to parent more effectively, the ins and outs of the Minneapolis Public School system, and more!

Q: Do PAC members get priority when signing up for ECFE classes?
A: This is a great benefit for joining PAC! While PAC members are not guaranteed a spot in any class, they do move up the priority list, and generally get their first or second class choice.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: Attendance at your second PAC meeting plus a formal commitment to serve on a committee makes you an official member. If it is impossible for you to attend meetings but you would still like to be involved, please contact the PAC Chairperson at ecfesouthpac@gmail.com to discuss your situation.

Q: May I bring my child(ren)?
A: Yes! Feel free to bring infants into meetings - and to nurse. Young children are welcome, too. ECFE childcare is available for them in a different room, but on the same floor. Please see the Meetings page for information on how to reserve childcare.

Q: May non-PAC members come to meetings?
A: Absolutely. All ECFE participants—PAC members, or not—are welcome, can participate during the open forum/check-in time to raise concerns, and to ask questions. 

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